Manchester is full of historic buildings, streets, and beautiful places to see. Booking the perfect weekend away to Manchester might feel like a dream at the moment, but one day soon the sights and sounds of the city will be ready for your visit.

Fitting everything you want to see into a weekend can be tricky, especially when there are so many worthwhile places to visit. Here at Quality Lets we provide short-stay accommodation in Manchester and have a range of flexible booking options to suit your needs. 

Our city has a lot to offer so we have put together a list of things that are essential for visiting for the perfect weekend away to Manchester. 

Manchester’s Museums

Both offering free admission, the Manchester Museum and the People’s History Museum are the perfect places to begin your visit to the city. 

The Manchester Museum features fascinating collections displaying important work in natural sciences, archaeology and anthropology. 

The People’s History Museum displays Britain’s fight for democracy over hundreds of years. Its rotating exhibits showcase some of the important humanitarian struggles still being fought today, from the climate emergency to the refugee crisis. 

In both museums there are cafes for you to take a seat in and relax after walking around the exhibits!

Walking Tours

For those who like to get out and experience the city around them rather than staying indoors, there are several routes to take through and around Manchester to learn more about the city and see more of it too. 

Free Manchester Walking Tours begin in the Sackville Gardens and you will find yourself learning about the past and present of the city while travelling through the main neighbourhoods and seeing the main sights. The tour guides are locals and can take you to parts of the city where buses and others can’t. They tell the story of Manchester, from famous characters to political movements. 

The Manchester LGBT Heritage Trail is a series of guided walks around the city visiting important sites along a trail marked by rainbow flag paving stones. Manchester has a vibrant list of bars, galleries, and clubs along this 90-minute walk.

Historical Sites

Along the tours mentioned above, you will come across many historical sites and buildings you may wish to return to later to explore. Whether that be Manchester Town Hall, the University of Manchester, or Piccadilly Gardens and St Ann’s Square, there are many places to stop at and experience on your weekend away.

Short-Stay Accommodation 

Using short-stay accommodation is a great way of making the most of what Manchester has to offer. Whether you want to spend the weekend or week or choose your dates, the flexibility of short-stay accommodation is a great start when planning your sightseeing holiday. 

Call us today at Quality Lets on (0161) 428 6020 to learn more about the short-stay accommodation we offer in Manchester.

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