Reasons Why a Short-Term Apartment is Better than a Hotel

If you are staying in Manchester on business and you need short-term accommodation but don’t want a hotel, the options are endless. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in short-term lets. This is because they offer you great flexibility.

This month’s blog at Quality Lets in Manchester looks at why short-term apartments are better than hotels. Call us on (0161) 428 6020 for information about our availability.

Hassle-free Accommodation

While staying somewhere and trying to concentrate on getting work done, the last thing you need is to be moving around. If you know you are going to be in the area for some time, you can extend your stay with short-term accommodation.

This means you don’t need to worry about relocating in the middle of important work.


Short lets can offer rates which reduce the longer you stay. While a hotel room will stay at a fixed price each night, a short-term apartment rental will improve in value with every additional night.

This means you have more of your budget to spend on other aspects of your stay.


One of the best features about apartment rentals is the privacy they offer. With more space of your own to relax in, you don’t need to be confined to one room-all our properties have a separate lounge/dining area and kitchen.

It also means you won’t need to try and work in a disruptive public space or pay extra rent for office space.

Additional Parking

Many short-term rentals come with onsite amenities, including a dedicated parking space. If you are driving, you don’t need to worry about paying parking charges or risk getting a ticket.

Room for The Family

If your family is joining you temporarily, you have plenty of space to stay together. With a two or three bedroom short stay let, you can have a bedroom each and share the living room and kitchen.

In a hotel, you will more than likely need to book an extra room.

About Quality Lets

Here at Quality Lets, we offer short-term accommodation, we have a number of ideally located luxury apartments in South Manchester. With good transport links, our apartments can accommodate up to four people.

In addition to this, all include wifi and a range of amenities.

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For more information about our short-term apartments in Manchester, contact Quality Lets. Call us today on (0161) 428 6020. Alternatively, you can enquire about our availability through our contact form.

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