Communication is Key

Start on the right foot by maintaining open and clear communication with your host. Confirm your arrival time in advance and notify them promptly if there are any changes.

Discuss any specific requirements or questions you may have to ensure a smooth check-in process.

Respect House Rules

Every short-term let comes with its set of house rules. These rules are designed to create a harmonious living environment for both guests and hosts. Take the time to read and understand them and be sure to abide by these guidelines throughout your stay.

Whether it’s a no-smoking policy or specific check-out procedures, respecting these rules contributes to a positive atmosphere.

Keep it Tidy

Treat your short-term let as you would your own home. Clean up after yourself, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or common areas. This not only shows respect for the property but also makes the hosting experience more pleasant for those welcoming you into their space.

Noise Consideration

Being mindful of noise levels is essential, especially if you’re staying in a shared building or neighbourhood. Keep in mind that walls might be thinner than in a traditional hotel, so lowering the volume on late-night TV or music ensures a peaceful coexistence with neighbours.

Report Issues Promptly

If you encounter any issues during your stay, such as a malfunctioning appliance or a maintenance concern, report it to your host promptly. They will appreciate your diligence in helping to maintain the property and will be more likely to address the problem promptly.

Be Security Conscious

Ensure the security of the property by locking doors and windows when you leave. Treat the keys or access codes with care and follow any security measures outlined by the host. This not only protects the property but also contributes to a sense of safety for both guests and hosts.

Check Out Gracefully

When it’s time to check out, do so gracefully. Follow any check-out procedures provided by the host, leave the property in good condition, and express your gratitude. A positive check-out experience ensures a lasting impression and may open the door for future stays.

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