Moving house can be stressful at the best of times. Short-term lets provide a place to stay if the chain collapses or you have sold your home but haven’t found the perfect house to buy yet.

At Quality Lets we offer flexible temporary accommodation in Manchester. In this week’s blog, we discuss using short-term lets for moving house.

Reasons for Using Temporary Accommodation

Using short-term lets before moving house can provide you with the flexibility of not being in a chain and time to search for the ideal new home. If you rent a house or flat you could find yourself in a 6 to 12-month tenancy contract and have to pay long-term for broadband and other bills.

Staying in temporary accommodation before buying a house in a location, such as Manchester, can be a great way of getting a feel for the area. You can try out the local walks, pubs and public transport links before committing to that search area.

Selling a property is a complex process and issues sometimes occur, especially if you’re in a chain. If that chain collapses, using short-term lets can relieve some of the stress during a difficult time.

Advantages of Short-Term Lets

Temporary accommodation offers many benefits, especially if you are in between moving house. With fixed rent costs you get a lot more for your money than with hotels. The price often covers WIFI, parking, linen and towels and basic utilities.

It is a very flexible option so if you need more time while waiting for conveyancers and surveyors, you can normally extend the time you stay by however much you require. There are no long-term contracts so you have more control over where you live and when.

In addition to these advantages, short-term lets come fully furnished meaning you don’t have to bring your furniture in only to move it again in the future. The facilities available make it a peaceful, private and homely environment. If in a city like Manchester they will often be close to public transport for your convenience.

Where to Store Your Possessions

There is not always enough room to store all your belongings at a short-term let so it is recommended that you have a plan for your possessions before moving. If you have pets you should check whether you can keep them with you or that there is somewhere safe and comfortable for them to go.

When researching storage providers to store your valuables there are a few things to consider including:

Flexible Rent (from two weeks minimum)

24 Hour Security

Range of Storage Space Sizes 

If you are moving from a 1-bed flat, the estimated amount of storage space you will need is 50sqft. Possessions from a 3-bed house may require 125-150sqft. A storage provider will be able to offer advice and ensure you have the room you require.

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