The short-term accommodation industry has been continuously growing year on year for some time now. Throughout this blog, we will be looking at just some of the experiences that can be made easier with apartment stays.  

Quality Lets provide short term accommodation across the South of Manchester.  

In Between Houses 

One of the main reasons people require short term accommodation is when they are between houses. Often when people sell their homes, they are left without a house to move into until the contracts have gone through.  This is where accommodation can be extremely helpful, rather than staying in expensive hotels you can stay in a lovely apartment for over 7 days for cheaper than a hotel. 

Another great thing about this is that you still get to maintain your home comfort whilst away from your home if you were waiting to move into your new house and stayed in a hotel you would struggle to get all of the moving boxes and clothes to fit. With the apartments, this is not an issue as there is plenty of space for storage and for families to enjoy. 

Hospital Treatment  

When you require specialist treatment you will often be referred to a mainstream hospital which for a lot of people is far away from their home. This is a struggle if you have any family members who want to visit as it will involve constant back and forth driving that is going to cost a lot of money in fuel and waste a lot of time.  

Having them stay in an apartment is a great way to combat this, they can stay comfortable whilst maintaining their home comforts. Not to mention, they will always have constant access to visit you and keep you calm.  

Breaks Away In Short Term Accommodation 

Of course the perfect way to use short term accommodation is for breaks away! Apartments and family homes are brilliant for anyone who is unable to fly or just wants to spend their holidays in Britain. The best thing about the vacation properties is that they offer all the necessary home comforts whilst still making you feel like you’re on holiday with many local attractions.  

lot of accommodation rentals also provide a lot of space, making it the perfect place for the whole family to de-stress and make memories. Whether this is done with a BBQ in the garden or by playing board games in the evening, short term accommodation is the perfect way to create your own holiday. 

Many More 

With housing and apartment lets, the possibilities are endless! Whether it’s as small as needing a quiet place to do some work or as large as a holiday, all short term accommodations are designed to meet your needs.  

A common misconception is that accommodation is very expensive when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many companies let their properties for the same price as a hotel room. That means you can get a whole home with luxury furniture for a bargain price and a comfortable stay.  

Get In Touch 

If you require short term accommodation be sure to get in touch with Quality Lets, we have a wide range of apartments and family homes just waiting for you. What’s more, we don’t charge our guests a booking fee! If you would like to see our properties, head over to our properties page 

When you require a break away, somewhere to work or to be closer to the airport, our team will make sure you have the best stay possible. Call us on (0161) 428 6020 or fill out the contact form on our website.  

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