Short-term let’s have become increasingly popular and are ideal for those looking for a stay for a limited time. Short-term accommodation offers you a feel-at-home stay and flexibility whether you’re between properties, relocating or visiting.  

At Quality Lets, we have quality short-term accommodation to suit all needs and budgets. Our team of professionals will work with you to find the right accommodation and we always ensure our customers have the best stay possible. 

Our blog looks into what the benefits of short-term accommodation are and why you should consider it. 


Ideal for those who are visiting for a limited time such as people who move around for work, short-term accommodation offers flexibility as you are usually able to extend the length of your short stay by weeks or months at a time. You have no obligation to stay for a full year as most long-term rentals require.  

Fully Furnished 

The majority of short-term accommodation sites will come fully furnished. Moving in and out of accommodation can be a handful as it is and not having to worry about the hassle of trying to manoeuvre furniture in and out can save you a lot of time and makes your move smoother. 

Home Away From Home  

With short-term rentals, you will have a greater degree of privacy and your accommodation will feel more like a home from home when compared to a hotel stay. If you have children staying you will be able to share one apartment instead of having to split rooms and a homely environment is far more comfortable.  

Fixed Rent Costs  

When staying in short-term accommodation your rent costs will be fixed for the term of your stay. Knowing how much your exact rent will be, it allows for you to budget accurately and efficiently. It is also relatively cheaper to stay in a short-term let than a hotel and you will also get a lot more for your money. Additionally, the weekly rate quoted will include all utilities, WiFi, parking as well as a light clean and change of linen and towels. It’s clear to see why short-term let’s have become increasingly popular.

Book Your Stay Today  

Would you like to know more or want to make a short-term booking? Get in contact with Quality Lets today. We don’t charge a booking fee and offer flexibility when booking with us here in South Manchester. Call (0161) 428 6020 or fill in our contact form.  

With high-quality service and staff on hand to help with any questions you may have, your stay will always be one to enjoy. Take a look at our properties available.

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