There is nothing better than knowing you have a getaway booked, even if it’s in the UK. When life’s stresses start to build up, it is important to take a step back for a few days to recharge your batteries and that’swhere a staycation comes in.

QualityLets has various short-term accommodation properties across the South of Manchester so you can book your perfect UK staycation. Book now by calling us on (0161) 428 6020.

Stress Less

Getaways are a perfect stress reliever because they temporarily remove you from the environment that causes stress. A few nights away can really boost your mental health, so allow your mind to take a break from work and you will re-boot in no time.

Not only are staycations easier to plan, but many people tend to worry more when they are abroad because there is so much to remember. You may find it easier to disconnect from your troubles and truly unwind if you decide to put down your passport and stay more local.

Boosts Productivity

When you are due a break, you begin to slow down. Being productive at home and work is important in being stress-free, and a quick holiday can solve that. New sights and sounds stimulate your brain, improving your focus and creativity, which makes you feel refreshed and ready to face what you left behind.

Go And Explore

A staycation gives you the opportunity to learn more about the place you are staying in. Manchester has lots of history and there is plenty of stuff you probably didn’t know. 

If that’s not up your street, there are plenty of shops and beautiful nature trails nearby; there is something for everyone.

Our Properties 

At QualityLets, we have a range of ideally located properties available, all with excellent transport links, including:

East Didsbury Apartment 1

East Didsbury Apartment 2

Didsbury Village Apartment
Cheadle Apartment

Sharston Apartment

We always have special offers available, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Book Your Stay

If you are thinking of booking a staycation in Manchester and interested in staying in one of our short-term accommodation properties, get in touch with QualityLets. We offer flexibility and something to suit everyone’s needs. Call us today on (0161) 428 6020 or fill out our online contact form.

More information can be found on our Facebook page.

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